Three sonatas by Veracini

I'm really very close to having all the music from moved
In the Spring of 2003, I was working on some sonatas by
Veracini for my recorder lessons. The only copy I had was a bad
xerox, so I transcribed them.
I don't have time this week to update the lilypond and put them
up as individual pieces, so I just put the book into the database
without the pieces.
So if you want to play Veracini sonatas for flute or violin,

Lassus Fantasias

The Phalese Bicinia were among the first pieces I
acquired and played in facsimile, and also among the early ones
I transcribed. The Motets
I was playing with my recorder teacher and had access to a decent
modern edition, so in spite of my inexperience with Renaissance
Music, I didn't make too many terrible errors. This was not the
case with the Fantasias or the