Lassus Fantasias

The Phalese Bicinia were among the first pieces I
acquired and played in facsimile, and also among the early ones
I transcribed. The Motets
I was playing with my recorder teacher and had access to a decent
modern edition, so in spite of my inexperience with Renaissance
Music, I didn't make too many terrible errors. This was not the
case with the Fantasias or the
I have now been playing the Fantasias with my
teacher, and fixing a lot of errors. There are also several
that Phalese had simplified. When Lassus
wrote them, he had the note values get shorter at the end, so the
piece would start in half and whole notes, and finish in quarter
notes and eighth notes. Phalese doubled the note values at the
end, so that it finished in half and quarter notes. This was
presumably so that they pieces would be more usable by less
facile students.
So for Bicinia Fantasies Prima and Septima, I have
left the Phalese version as I originally transcribed it, but I
have added the Lassus version as 16
and 18.
I have also transcribed Bicinia Fantasias 11,
and 15,
and fixed some errors in Quarta,
which Phalese didn't alter.