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Three sonatas by Veracini

I'm really very close to having all the music from moved
In the Spring of 2003, I was working on some sonatas by
Veracini for my recorder lessons. The only copy I had was a bad
xerox, so I transcribed them.
I don't have time this week to update the lilypond and put them
up as individual pieces, so I just put the book into the database
without the pieces.
So if you want to play Veracini sonatas for flute or violin,

Come, drink to me

This is a Ravenscroft
drinking round that we'd never sung before, although I've had it
in the notebook in someone else's transcription for a while.
One reason it isn't more popular is that it's pretty hard.
Also, as written, it has a range of more than two octaves. The
other transcription made that less obvious by switching clefs in

ARS Article

This appeared slightly edited in American Recorder magazine in
the November, 2001 issue.

Like many recorder players, I enjoy playing madrigals and other kinds
of Renaissance Polyphony, because all the parts are interesting, and
also because, instead of being concert music written for virtuosos to
play for an audience, it really is written for the kind of setting
most recorder groups play in -- a group of friends in a home playing
for and with each other.

Morley's Canzonets for Two Voyces

These are some of the most popular duets from the Renaissance era. If
you like to sing or play with other people, these are a good place to
start exploring the world of Renaissance Polyphony. Morley was famous
not only as a composer and performer, but also as a music teacher. He
wrote the Music for Dummies of his day. (A Plaine and Easie
Introduction to Musicke

Editorial Notes to the Morley Canzonets to Two Voices

Similar notes apply to most of the Renaissance pieces on this site.

No barlines have been added.

Original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been retained,
as far as practical. When the original spelling, in the judgement of
the editor, would present a barrier to an educated singer for
understanding the words (such as the interchangeable use of J and I,
or V and W) this has been modernized. Also titles and first lines
have been regularized.