Dowland's Second Book of Lute songs and Ayres

Table of Contents
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Some other transcriptions
There are some transcriptions in other formats on this site:

  • II. Flow my teares fall from your springs:
    Frank Nordberg, the
    webmaster of Musicaviva, transcribed
    this in Finale, and gave me permission to put up his PDF of
    the score, with
    both the lute tab and a realization of it, with the cantus
    I usually make my group play this
    before tackling the 5-part version.
  • XVII. A Shepheard in a shade,

    Here's my first lute tablature transcription: ABC, pdf. In order
    to use the ABC, you need to get abctab2ps. Thanks are due to Christoph Dalitz, both for writing abctap2ps, and for helping with entry and proofreading of this piece.