Morley's Canzonets for Two Voyces

These are some of the most popular duets from the Renaissance era. If
you like to sing or play with other people, these are a good place to
start exploring the world of Renaissance Polyphony. Morley was famous
not only as a composer and performer, but also as a music teacher. He
wrote the Music for Dummies of his day. (A Plaine and Easie
Introduction to Musicke

For recorder players, almost all of them fit well on C instruments, in
most cases two equal instruments (either sopranos or tenors); or in
a few cases a soprano and a lower instrument, either Alto or Tenor.

They are available in 2
spiral-bound partbooks from the Serpent Publications
at Both music and words have been set in
large, easy-to-read type.

Here's a sample page:

Or, you can download the pdf
(3155792 bytes),

the ABC files (32724 bytes),

the MIDI files (33066 bytes),

or the TeX, eps,
and lilypond sources
(1057353 bytes).

Here's the Preface, where I explain
why I'm interested in doing this.
Here's the Foreword which John Tyson was kind
enough to write for it.
Here are the editorial notes that explain what I did.
And here's what I think is the plot.

For individual pieces, and the table of contents, see the
book page.