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This is the last piece in Petrucci's Odhecaton. Petrucci
doesn't give the attribution, but there are apparently 4 other
sources that all agree that Obrecht
wrote it.
There's a tune in long notes, split between the tenor and altus
parts. Petrucci prints the Tenor part above the alto part, so
I've done that in the score as well. I also used old-style rests,

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I did some fairly stupid things with views in mysql when I set up this site, and every so often enough people use that code at once that even though it's a fairly compact database, their searches were bringing the database server to its knees, and I would get an email from Dreamhost customer support saying they'd turned off one of the views and if I can't figure out a way to make it more efficient, I should be paying them more money for a dedicated database server.


This transcription is actually by Allen Garvin, who has recently
started his own site for his transcriptions from Renaissance Facsimile.
The piece is from Petrucci's Odhecaton
. So it's a bit earlier than most of the music on
this site, and the note values are longer, and the crunches are a
bit different, but we're enjoying it.

Lulaby my sweet little baby

by William
is still a bit too hard for us to learn in one season of
singing Christmas music, especially since it's 5 parts, and a
lot of our meetings around Christmas have fewer people than
But it would really rock (in several senses of the word -- it's
a cradle-rocking rhythm in the triple meter section) if we could
do it, and the serpent likes the bass line. So we played it