Meskin es hu

This is the last piece in Petrucci's Odhecaton. Petrucci
doesn't give the attribution, but there are apparently 4 other
sources that all agree that Obrecht
wrote it.
There's a tune in long notes, split between the tenor and altus
parts. Petrucci prints the Tenor part above the alto part, so
I've done that in the score as well. I also used old-style rests,
which don't really look that good with new-style notes, but I
think it's good if people can get used to them.
There's apparently a reconstruction somewhere of the lyrics
that can be made to fit the altus and tenor parts, but I can't get
hold of it this week.
When we read it last night in my group, we had
everyone play either tenor or altus first, and then some people
stayed on those parts and others played the top or bottom
I've uploaded a scan of the facsimile.
Eventually I'm hoping to do that routinely when I've transcribed
form facsimile (or other source not under copyright), and then
I'll modify the site to give you the option of downloading it when you look at the piece.
Even if you don't want to play from facsimile, you should look
at the ones from Petrucci, because the printing is so gorgeous.