The teares of the Muses

I did some work on automating
turning the MIDI files of
Holborne a the Werner
Icking archive
So here's the
next one.
I expect to be churning these out pretty regularly,
now that using the MIDI is less tedious and error prone.
Some conventions that are a little different from some other
places on the site:

  • I'm using a time signature that's like the one Holborne
    used, i.e., a C with a dot in the middle instead of a 3. Note
    that Holborne probably didn't care a lot about this, since the
    time signature on the Quintus part is a 3. But I've normalized
    this -- the incipit shows the three in the Quintus, but I've
    used the C with a dot on all parts.
  • For vocal music, I generally use modern choir conventions,
    with alto range parts on the treble clef and tenor range parts
    on an octavated treble clef. The convention for recorder music
    is to also put alto range parts in the octavated treble clef, so
    I've also done that here. If it's a problem, let
    me know,
    since I feel fairly strongly that recorder players
    should learn to deal with the vocal conventions instead of
    expecting special editions. But most of the instrumentalists I
    know who can play in that range can deal with music in either
  • I've displayed the rests the way Holborne's printer did,
    i.e., when there are several rests of the same value, they
    appear on different staff lines:

    This would look better if the horizontal spacing were more like that
    in the facsimile, but I think it does make them easier to
    count. Now that I know how to do it, I'll be doing it more
    often, unless people complain.